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Wendy is no stranger to building artists brands and managing talent…

Whether it was the first time she heard Michael Jackson’s Thriller album or the countless hours spent watching MTV as a young child, Wendy was bitten by the music bug at an early age and it really forged her path in life. Music has always been at the center of her life; long before dedicating herself to a career in the music industry.

After managing VO talent for almost 6 years in Los Angeles, Duffy decided to take her knowledge and contacts built in TV/Film marketing and apply it towards her first love; music. With a background in radio, publicity, marketing and promotions, Duffy saw an opportunity to partner with the indie artist and focus on brand initiatives and and help them focus on their responsibility as the musicpreneur.  

“Building relationships and engagement in every area of business is becoming more and more important as a way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace---the music business is no different. There is a lot of talent out there and you need to focus on your brand, what makes you authentic and find platforms to build and engage a committed fan base. Then, you need to really promote those findings and do it over and over again,” explained Duffy.

This idea and passion is what forged Duffy to start Resin8 Management alongside iV Music Licensing, which Duffy launched in July 2013. In April 2016 she went solo and launched a licensing division at Resin8. She had already started building and growing talent awareness in partnering with artists to get music placed in advertising initiatives such as TV promo’s and Film Trailers while forging relationships with top companies such as Capitol Publishing, Secret Road, Peer Music, Kompass/Kobalt, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, MTV, Disney and VH1 to name a few.  “With Resin 8, we use a strategic approach to marketing and connecting the dots. We identify the path and goals of the artists and then create strategic plans to move them towards that success” – says Duffy. Over the years, refining that approach which is centered on synch and streaming and using those outlets as launching pads for indie artists.

Duffy’s personable approach to marketing and strategy is unmatched, as building long lasting business relationships is always her first and most important priority.




I had just moved to LA, was going through a really bad break-up, was 2000 miles away from home and on the cusp of turning 24. I was singing back-up in a band with friends and I had just started writing my own songs. Room for Squares really spoke to me at that time—almost like imaginary conversations John and I were having on the daily! (Just ask my former roommate, Mel!)  I was listening to song lyrics in a way that I hadn’t before—as I was captured by the craft of songwriting, thanks to my bandmate/friend, Jeremy. I really believe that album was a catalyst in my commitment to a career in music/creating music—I loved storytelling then and I still do now. Writing, recording, mixing—hearing it all from beginning to end. Music is so connective.