Writing music for more than half her life, SVRCINA has gained the reputation of a prolific writer to music industry professionals. After signing her first publishing deal at the age of 13, recording in countless studios, and traveling thousands of miles while working with dozens of experts, SVRCINA's already seen success that verifies she is living her purpose. Having multiple collaborations with TWENTYSOMETHING, Arcando, Built By Titan, Fancy Cars, Man Cub and Sj, and promo sync placements with the Sony Pictures, ABC, CBS, HBO and CW networks for the shows "Containment" | "Forever" | "Quantico" | "American Crime” and “Wisdom of the Crowd”. SVRCINA has proven she is ready to hang with the pro's. Partnering with manager Wendy Duffy of Resin8 Management, and publisher Kobalt Music, SVRCINA is elated to merge creativity with innovative strategy.

SVRCINA has grown and changed as any artist/writer and young person does. SVRCINA's goal is to create music that not only she connects with personally, but is culturally transcendent. Experimentation with sounds, mixtures of musical elements with cultural personality traits, influenced by faith and current events, SVRCINA is carving out a niche that music lovers around the world will embrace. Her strength wrapped in tenderness, distinctive vocals, and blend with cutting edge producers, SVRCINA is a sound that the heaven wants earth to hear! SVRCINA is set to release her next project, Hearing Colour, on June 14, 2019.




Initially stumbling on the music video for "God Bless the Broken Road"while flipping through tv channels at home with my brother, I can genuinely say that moment was the initial spark that unlocked a desire to be an artist and songwriter. Literally, at only eight years old, I wasn’t exposed to a vast range of music and I had NO clue what songwriting even was. But after hearing that song, my mom bought the CD for our family, and I listened from top to bottom until it was almost unplayable with scratches, and feel I nearly memorized every word on the CD sleeve. I remember often coming home from school, running down into my basement, blasting this album, and practicing, trying to imitate vocal runs and tones. This album has a shameless soft spot.