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Lia Loren

Lia Loren began her love affair with music at the age of 10 when she learned how to play the guitar, she spent all her free time writing songs and honing in on her craft of songwriting.  After moving to Nashville in 2005, she began slowly integrating her passion for songwriting into action. Along with her husband Phillip, Lia began an indie folk duo called "Us and Our Daughters". Over the course of 4 years they released two EP's and have had major success in the sync and TV world, including several songs that became staples in the ABC hit show Nashville.



I was 11 when it released and I had just learned to play the guitar that same year. "You were meant for me" was the first song I learned by another artist and played all the way through on my guitar. Her songwriting was so in depth, powerful and full of fresh wind at that time, I was extremely impacted by it.