Ian Keaggy is a Nashville and LA based songwriter, producer, and artist whose success as a member of the band Hot Chelle Rae makes him no stranger to a high caliber of worldwide success and artistry. The son of Grammy nominated guitarist Phil Keaggy, Ian’s whole life has revolved around his passion for music. Since leaving his former band in 2014, Keaggy has developed an unquestionably unique brand and sound that has drawn consistent attention in his writing and production. While mostly working within the pop genre, he has also forged working relationships with an array of artists in all genres. In addition to music, Ian has also established himself as a professional photographer since the age of 20. Amidst his creative complexity, there is a thread of quality and individuality in Ian Keaggy’s work that remains constant throughout all of his endeavors.


Gran Turismo | The Cardigans

I discovered this album when I was around 14, it single handedly shaped my taste in music. I obsessed over the crisp female vocals on top of everything from grungy electronic beats to beautifully simple and tasteful instrumentation. All the while leaving room for exceedingly well crafted melodies and lyrics. It was everything to me, and still holds up today.