HAVEN is a natural born songwriter with a clear vision of what she’s meant to do. Getting her start with a guitar at age 9, at 19 she is already an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician who has held her own in front of thousands of people, opening shows for acts like Lady Antebellum, Toby Keith, Thomas Rhett and more! In 2018 she signed a publishing deal with Demolition Music and a synch / artist development deal with Resin8 Music. She is currently in the studio writing in LA and Nashville for her new pop project coming soon.



My mom was a huge Shania Twain fan, so I grew up listening to Shania’s record “Up!” on repeat! When I was 5 the “Up!” Tour was the first concert I’d ever been to. When I got done watching her play the stadium I looked up at my mom & said “that’s what I wanna do someday”. Her music lit a spark in me & and songs from that album were some of the first cover songs I learned to play live! That album / tour is what made me fall in love with music and performing. That’s when I knew I wanted to sell out stadiums some day.