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Performing under the name Jung Youth, Nashville's Justin Donahue is a genre-bending hip hop artist and writer/producer whose constantly evolving music spans the range of human emotion and energy. Youth began showcasing his versatility in the film & tv arena after recovering from quite literally breaking a leg during a live show and writing the triumphant 'Only One King' with Tommee Profitt, which was licensed by the NFL for promotional purposes throughout the 2017 season. He is currently wrapping up a full-length project with Weathrman and preparing to bring his captivating live show to the masses once again.



The vivid imagery and heartfelt, poetic storytelling that comes through Nas' wise-beyond-his-years writing and delivery was enough to prove to me that hip hop is so much more than a musical genre. I could feel the power and socially conscious/philosophical nature of songs like 'One Mic', and it was a reminder to me that music and art can be used as a tool to create positive change and shine a light on situations that might be previously unseen or unbeknownst to us.