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Jeff Pardo is a Christian musician, who is mainly a music producer, songwriter, and composer. He has received a Grammy Award nomination at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in the Best Contemporary Christian Song category. Pardo’s background as a session player, touring musician, and producer has made him an extremely versatile member of the Nashville songwriter community. His accomplishments range from scoring top 10 AC singles performed by Rhett Walker Band, Mandisa, and Francesca Battistelli; developing and co-penning over 30 songs with Capitol CMG artist Josh Wilson; and crafting the storyteller song “30,000 Feet” recorded by Ben Rector.


It’s a tie between Billy Joel “The Stranger” and John Mayer “Continuum.”  Both of these albums came along at key moments for me in my development as a musician.  I discovered the Billy Joel record when I was early in high school, falling in love with songwriting, and learning how powerful the combination of words and melody could be.  The stories he told, the images and emotion he evoked, it was incredible. It moved me deeply, made me want to write more and better songs, and being a piano player myself, it felt even that much more immediate and influential….piano players could make records with songs that sounded like this!!  I was hooked. John Mayer’s Continuum came along when I was early in my professional career and exploring production alongside of songwriting and how those two worked together.  The sonic qualities of Continuum felt like a revelation.…the vocals were in your face, yet warm, the record felt super deep, yet crisp and present….it still stands as a tour de force in how to make a record that sounds completely modern, and yet completely timeless.  “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” was a masterpiece in creating a track that felt exactly like the story the lyric was telling. I hope, one day, to make something that sounds that good!