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Hailing from Texas and residing in Nashville, TN, Chelsea Lankes has established herself as an indie pop name within the industry and creative community. Her time spent in Nashville and Los Angeles collaborating with various writers and producers has shaped her unique sonic identity as she has managed to create a refreshing take on pop music, bearing the structural sensibility of a seasoned songwriter and the creativity of a true artist. Chelsea upholds lyrical integrity and emotional articulation that exemplifies her passion of the craft while also personally disclosing her heart's journey to each of her listeners. Lankes' ability to write simple and catchy melodies along with honest lyrics combined with her distinct voice resonates among the noise; effortlessly capturing your attention.



I love her whole catalog and she’s had a ton of influence on me as a writer. I think the first time I heard her music and her voice, it sparked the idea that I could write songs too and it was when I decided to pick up the guitar and learn her songs. I have a ton of influences that span genres but her songs and her voice made me want to make my own music.